Featured Photographer for Big Cat Rescue

Some of the photos I took during my six months with Big Cat Rescue in Florida were featured on their Facebook page. This is very exciting and it gave me exposure to a large number of people.

I also love this comment from media producer, T.O. Lawrence:

Wish her luck on her journeys and keep an eye out for her doing big things someday in the photo world.

Here are a few screenshots:

Big Cat Rescue

I can't express how happy I am to be a volunteer at Big Cat Rescue. Not only do I get to contribute to an amazing organization every day, I am also educating people around the private ownership of big cats, which hopefully will lead to changing the law in the US.

Taking photos of those amazing creatures on my days off is a huge reward for hard physical labor. Some of my photos have been featured on the official Big Cat Rescue Facebook page, which means that thousands of people see and like my work!